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Medizinischer Versorgungsdienst

Dr. Nataliya Smalyuk has earned an outstanding reputation for helping patients achieve optimal eye health. She offers medical services utilizing the latest techniques and technologies. Below, you will find more information on how Dr. Nataliya Smalyuk can help you.

Highlighted services can also be provided for children.


vision control

A visual acuity examination is a crucial assessment that measures one's sharpness of vision. It determines whether corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts are necessary. During the test, optical symbols are read from varying distances.


eye pressure control

The assessment of intraocular pressure is a vital examination for the early detection of glaucoma, also known as "the silent thief of sight." This painless and straightforward test is of great significance as glaucoma frequently starts without any symptoms and can lead to irreversible damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision if left untreated.


Prescription for Eyeglasses

The determination of visual acuity is the first step in prescribing the appropriate glasses or contact lenses. A simple and painless examination is necessary. Correcting vision problems can help avoid eye strain and reduce the risk of headaches or dizziness.


Anterior Section Examination

An examination of the anterior segment of the eye can provide clues to various eye diseases. The physician can examine the cornea, iris, and lens to identify changes, infections, or injuries. This examination is painless and can help to detect eye problems early on.


background examination

An examination of the posterior segment of the eye is essential in assessing the retina and optic nerve. This painless examination can aid in identifying signs of retinal problems, nerve damage, or other serious eye conditions.


visual field examination

A visual field examination is essential for identifying possible visual impairments that cannot be detected by a simple vision test. This examination assesses peripheral vision to detect early signs of glaucoma or other eye problems.


Irrigation of the lacrimal ducts

A tear duct irrigation is a painless examination aimed at clearing blocked tear ducts. This procedure can assist in treating dryness and inflammation in the eye, as well as preventing potential infections.


orthoptic examination

An examination of the coordination of the eyes is essential to diagnose strabismus or amblyopia. This painless test can aid in identifying and treating potential visual problems in early childhood.


refractive examination

A refractive examination ascertains the visual acuity and the need for correction with glasses or contact lenses. This simple and painless examination can help correct eye problems and improve quality of life.

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