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Dr. Nataliya Smalyuk


Welcome to Nataliya Smalyuk's practice! Here you will find an experienced specialist who provides consultation regarding your ocular well-being in the languages of German, Russian, and Ukrainian. Whether you require a comprehensive eye examination, treatment, or simply have a query, Dr. Smalyuk and her team are at your disposal at all times.

Your trusted doctor


Dr. Nataliya Smalyuk specializes in the diagnosis and meticulous treatment of diverse cases and ensures that each patient is thoroughly informed throughout the entire process. In the Traiskirchen region, Dr. Nataliya Smalyuk is renowned for achieving excellent results and assisting you in minimizing your personal investments while devising a suitable treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Completely content!
I got an appointment promptly, nice reception, nice funny doctor

Naturally, it is understandable that one must wait a little before being seen, however, I am highly satisfied. The number of patients is a positive indication, as everyone is seen in a timely manner.

...those seeking medical consultation or treatment with a personal approach will find it here...


Hauptplatz 17 D/2/2, 2514 Traiskirchen

02252/56 002

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